Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Total Electronics now offers VoIP service. Voice over IP allows unified communcation between all your devices, whether that includes a desk phone, cell phone, fax machine or answering service. Reliable communication is critical to keep your business operating smoothly. Let us provide you with better service and a potentially lower phone bill.


  • What type of wire do VoIP phones need?

    VoIP phones run over Ethernet data cables. Most businesses already have this type of cable installed as it is used to connect computers to the internet. VoIP phones can share a single cable with a computer.

  • Why should I consider a VoIP phone system?

    A VoIP phone system gives you the newest features at a lower inital investment that other systems. There is no central system to maintain at your business, all the processing happens in the cloud. You can also use existing data wiring to power your new VoIP phones.

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