Structured Wiring, Copper & Fiber Optics

Structured wiring is a generic term used to describe many different types of wiring products and their installation currently on the market. These products all have the same basic purpose—to efficiently distribute a variety of electrical signals throughout a superstructure. Signal types supported range from Ethernet computer network (data), video, audio, television (TV), telephone (voice) and others.

Total Electronics Contracting provides the design, installation, and service of structured wiring systems, both fiber optics and copper cabling for data, voice, audio and video in all types of commercial buildings, schools, and churches. Often working directly with architects and engineers to design systems that are tailored to provide structured cabling systems to meet the needs of growing business into the future. Our technicians are factory trained to provide the level of expertise needed in these advanced circuits. Structured wiring systems are available from simple designs, to technologically advanced structured wiring for any circuit application. Total Electronics currently serves customers which include, City, State, and Federal government, Fortune 500 Corporations, School districts, as well as many homes and Churches throughout the four state area.


  • How long can fiber optic cable be run?

    Multi-mode fiber can be up to 1,500 feet long. Single-mode fiber can be up to 65,000 feet long. Some other factors can shorten these distances including faster speeds.

  • How many devices are supported per wifi router/access point?

    It depends on the router/access point, but in general the answer is around 30. Once you get 30 devices connected to a wifi router/access point, the speed for all users drops dramatically. The solution is to add one or more access points.

    Let us help you plan adequate wifi coverage for your business.

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