CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV, Closed Circuit TeleVision is a rapidly expanding security technology application which provides video camera information to be viewed and or recorded for future review. Basic systems include color CCTV cameras and basic hard drive based recording devices. More advanced systems include IP (internet protocol) cameras and NVR (network video recorders) which provide the most advanced features available today. All systems we install are accesible by using mobile apps if desired.


  • When should I consider a 360 degree camera?

    If you are trying to cover a wide area and it will take multiple cameras in the same location looking in all directions, a 360 degree camera will probably be less expensive and provide more coverage than multiple cameras.

  • How many cameras do I need?

    That depends on what you need to cover, usually a minimum of 4. Suggested camera placement includes all exterior walls of a building, inside of the main entrance door, other areas of interest such as safes, entrances to secure areas, public spaces.

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