Cellular Communicator Recommendation Letter

Beginning February 25, 2019 our office will no longer be remotely connecting to alarm systems using analog telephone lines. Older analog telephone lines are failing to reliably transmit information and newer technologies are readily available to remedy these concerns.

The leaders at TEC are suggesting wireless cellular communicators to our customers. Cellular technology is more reliable than older analog phone lines and also enables you to view days’ worth of activity, change user codes, as well as arm and disarm your alarm system from a web browser or smartphone. Our office staff will also be able to update codes or retrieve event logs as we have in the past. 

Should you consider this technology update, the cellular module installation is $336.50 plus sales tax, which includes all necessary materials and installation.

U.L Listed Central Station, Interactive Alarm System Monitoring is $29.95 per month. 

If you do not wish to upgrade to a cell communicator nothing will change about your system or alarm monitoring costs at this time. Please bear in mind however that without a cellular communicator, TEC will no longer have remote access to change user codes or retrieve any other data from your alarm system.

If you need to change user codes or view event history without a cell communicator feel free to reference a user manual on the www.totalelectronics.com website.

If you have any questions about this change feel free to contact us for additional information.

Thanks for your business.


2 years ago