• Do I have to keep using a land line for my security system?

    No. TEC offers a product called a cellular communicator that uses cell towers to transmit and receive data. This eliminates the need for a regular phone line. In fact, your will get more functionality out of your system when you couple a cellular communicator with an alarm.com subscription. This allows you to arm and disarm your security system from a mobile device, plus much more. Contact us for more details.

  • Why is my security system beeping?

    There are several reasons your secity system could be in alert. Check the screen to see if some of these common problems apply. You may need to press "*2" to see more details. "Fail to communicate" or "Phone trouble" means that the phone line attached to your security system is temporarily down. The system will clear itself once the phone line returns to normal operation. You may want to call your telephone provider to see if there are issues on their end. To stop the beeping, enter your code once. "Low battery" means the main panel battery or a device battery is low and needs to be replaced. Contact TEC and we can help you get the correct battery installed. In general, entering your code once will usually temporarily silence your security system.



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