• How do I run a report in the Integra software?

    To see all events that have happened in the past, go to Reports > History Report, choose your time frame, click Preview.

    To see a list of cardholders in the system, go to Reports > Database Reports, choose Cardholders Report, click Next 3 times, choose which field to sort by, click Preview Report.

  • What happens when a door is scheduled to be unlocked at a specific time but the business is closed for bad weather?

    Our access control systems have an optional feature called "first person delay" that requires a qualified card-holder present a card after the scheduled unlock time. After this time, the door remains unlocked until the next scheduled lock time. This prevents a door from automatically unlocking if there is no one actually in the building. If this feature is not enabled, the door will unlock at the scheduled time. Contact TEC to inquire about activating this feature on your system.



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