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Total Electronics Contracting, Inc. Total Electronics
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Total Electronics Contracting Low Voltage Wiring Joplin Missouri

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Telephone Systems

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communication-007Here at Total Electronics Contracting, Inc. our experience and familiarity with the full range of business communications systems and technologies that are needed for today's business is what has proven to be most helpful to our clients. Anyone can purchase a business telephone system but it takes knowledge and experience to choose the best solution based upon a particular business model or application.

Simply put, when you purchase a communications system from TEC, we help you understand how to use the services and technological features related to your business communications system so you and your employees can effectively interface with your phone system hardware in a most productive manner. By working with a full service communications company such as TEC, you are establishing a long-term relationship with a company capable of system design and application support. When we consult with, and help to select the right phone system for your business, we are also planning for your future. With our support and focus on your long-term needs, you receive the maximum return on your investment. From the moment we are called upon to assist, we are taking into consideration your company's growth and how you will want to use other telecommunications services and technologies to help your business become more successful

Our Product Lines:

Paging and Background Music Systems

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communication-002Paging and background music systems have evolved from outdoor horns, and or simple ceiling type loudspeakers and constant voltage amplifier circuits to intelligent digital signal processed, full featured background music and paging circuits with noise masking features and automated ambient volume to noise controlled circuits with digital message repeating, zoning, and many other useful features readily available.

Total Electronics Contracting, Inc. is one of the area's premier paging and background music system contractors. With over twenty years experience in the field designing, installing, and servicing systems, we at TEC are ready to provide professional assistance with your paging and background music system needs.

Structured Wiring

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structured-wire-003(Data - UTP and Fiber Optics) 

Structured wiring is a generic term used to describe many different types of wiring products and their installation currently on the market. These products all have the same basic purposeā€”to efficiently distribute a variety of electrical signals throughout a superstructure. Signal types supported range from Ethernet computer network (data), video, audio, television (TV), telephone (voice) and others.

Total Electronics Contracting provides the design, installation, and service of structured wiring systems, both fiber optics and copper cabling for data, voice, audio and video in all types of commercial buildings, schools, and churches. Often working directly with architects and engineers to design systems that are tailored to provide structured cabling systems to meet the needs of growing business into the future. Our technicians are factory trained to provide the level of expertise needed in these advanced circuits. Structured wiring systems are available from simple designs, to technologically advanced structured wiring for any circuit application. Total Electronics currently serves customers which include, City, State, and Federal government, Fortune 500 Corporations, School districts, as well as many homes and Churches throughout the four state area.

Intercom Systems

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communication-005Total Electronics Contracting had it's humble beginnings repairing and servicing home, school and business intercom systems over twenty years ago. Through the years intercom system design has improved and useful features were realized to provide better intercommunications solutions.

We at Total Electronics are leading the way to provide installed intercom systems, which simplify communication and improve productivity. From simple point to point intercom applications to off-site VOIP intercom applications, TEC is your contractor of choice for the design, installation, and service of intercom systems.

Intercommunication products represented are: Aiphone, Bogen, M&S, NuVo, Teradon, Valcom, Viking.

Communication Gallery

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The following images have been taken by TEC Staff and are all accurate representations of our work.